Car Park Full Cone Sign – cns35 (cone sold separately)

Available as a 1 cone or a 2 cone version for extra stability

All our cone sign faces are made from Aluminium Composite.

They have a 50mm elasticated straps riveted to the back which simply slides over any 750mm or 1m road cone.

The elasticated strap ensures a sturdy fit and stops the sign from spinning even in windy conditions.

Being made from ACM means the signs are 100% recyclable & have no scrap value.

They are lightweight and easy to store and transport.

• 25mm elastic straps to prevent spinning

• Fits any cone with 100% grip

• High impact strength

• Stable in all temperature conditions

• Will not warp or crack

• 100% recyclable material

• No scrap value

• Easy to handle, ship and store

• Radius edges on all signs